Terms and Conditions

“You” is you the user of this website. “We” and “us” is the California limited liability company, Creator Haven LLC.

Here are the rules, or as the lawyers call them, the Terms and Conditions governing your use of this website:

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  3. We reserve the right to judge what is offensive content and will remove it without notice, explanation or apology.
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  6. While it is our goal for this website to be up 24/7/365 and to be error, bug and glitch free, we depend on third party software, web-servers, internet service providers, etc, etc. So we can’t actually promise anything about the availability of this site for your use and you accept that and any problem or inconvenience it may cause.
  7. While we believe “privacy” as most people born before 1980 think of it has been extinct for at least half a century, we try to not make the situation any worse. See our Privacy Policy for more details.
  8. You promise not to try to break, reverse-engineer, disassemble, disrupt, attack, hack, defraud, to do anything criminal to or with, or otherwise interfere with or modify our website.
  9. We promise to do our best at keeping our website up to date and useful so that it’s worth your time to visit us.

Creator Haven LLC