We have many glass fusing and jewelry making classes set up for the first part of 2023 through Cabrillo Extension. These classes tend to be small and fill up fast, so don’t delay — check them out and register sooner rather than later.

To see all our currently scheduled Cabrillo Extension classes, go to and select Creator Haven from the drop-down menu under “Location”)

We also offer other classes based on client demand. Contact us to discuss your interests!

Studio and Safety Orientation (On demand; Required for all new Members)

Hydraulic Press: using silhouette and pancake dies, using the bracelet forming system

Rolling Mill-Textures

Metal Clay

  • Textures and Fireable Stones
  • Molding
  • Silver leaves
  • Syringe and Resin
  • Paper Type Metal Clay
  • Band Rings
  • Coil Rings
  • Hollow Forms
  • Soldering on Metal Clay
  • Bezel Setting on Metal Clay
  • Silhouette/Zing designs in Metal Clay
  • Photopolymer plates
  • Enameling on silver clay

Traditional Jewelry Making

  • Cold Connections
  • Crimped pendant with soldered bezel
  • Beginning fold forming
  • Soldering
  • Polishing and finishing
  • Texturing metal
  • Using a jeweler’s saw
  • Copper Etching
  • Electroforming
  • Making your own findings
  • Torch enameling
  • Cloisonné enameling

Fused Glass

  • Beginning fused glass pendants and earrings
  • Beginning fused glass plates
  • Etching glass with etching cream
  • Reactive glass
  • Vitrigraph stringer and rods
  • Pattern bars
  • Pot Melts
  • Drop vase


  • Drilling Rocks and Glass (and adding bails)
  • Photographing your jewelry and glass