Springing Forward!

We have been springing forward in March to create more teaching and work-space options. What used to be called the Benchroom no longer has benches and is now the Workroom (and/or the Small Classroom) with shelves for tools and materials, the big anvil and by next week a new work table.  It is place to work on individual projects or hold a small class. And it’s be a place Members can work when a large class is going on in the main classroom.  The Workroom is also the only space that has doors that can be closed to provide acoustic separation  (and it has its own exhaust fan so there is plenty of fresh air.)

We are also excited by the growing volume of work in fused glass and to see that space filling up with enthusiastic artists producing exciting pieces!

This is a sample of Pam’s amazing work.
(The project for this class is so new that
we don’t have a photo of it yet!)

Here’s a heads up: A very special guest teacher is coming to Creator Haven in July: Pam East is an internationally known artist, writer and teacher. Her work and instructional articles have appeared in Art Jewelry Magazine, Metal Clay Artist Magazine, and many others. Her book “Enameling on Metal Clay” is considered the definitive resource for enameling on silver clay. She will be teaching a 3-day workshop: Champleve/Basse Taille Enameling On Silver Clay on July 13-15. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn the special techniques and tips you need when enameling on metal clay!

In the meantime there are a ton of new class postings with a variety of teachers! Coming up April 21 is one that may be new to you: Quilling with Silver Metal Clay: applying paper-crafting techniques to silver metal clay! And if you wondered how to get some color into your jewelry, consider Color on Metal on April 28.  Learn a variety of ways to add color to metal jewelry, from colored pencil to metal dyes to heat patina, alcohol inks and more.

Whether you are into traditional metal-smithing, metal clay, or fused glass — or any combination of them — we hope you find Creator Haven is your personal Haven for classes, creativity and community!

— Pat and Glenn 3/29/2018